A verbal and pictorial guide to allow AWS access to a Github account for use with Codepipeline.

So you want to know how to connect the dots between your Github account, and getting a successful continuous battle tested deployment into AWS. Read on…

Provisioning Credentials

Follow this pictorial guide for granting AWS access to your Github repository. Start by navigating to CodePipeline and begin by selecting “Create pipeline”. A quick forewarning; this will cost you $1/month 😱.

Create a pipeline

Error handling and Recursive workflows

AWS Step functions in action

If you haven’t already, begin your journey with the original AWS Step Function Tricks story to get started on some of the basic tricks you can do.

In this article we’re going to cover how to:

  • Handle errors in a more concise manner, keeping our workflows clean
  • Build recursive workflows for sequential date based jobs

Error Handling

So in most AWS Step Functions states you can specify a Catch section to allow you to handle errors. Typically you want to notify yourself and your team in case anything should happen unexpectedly during your workflow — batch jobs fails, EMR Cluster dies, Docker…

4 hacks to help construct workflows

AWS Step Functions in action

Having worked with AWS step functions for a little while now, i’ve had to jump a few hurdles to get what I wanted, and I figured other people could benefit from the hours of hair pulling. Sharing is caring, or so they say…

1. Lifting a single value into an Array

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